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Focus on today

When it comes to paralysis, the overwhelming majority of time, money and media attention is primarily focused in one direction — research for the cure. Millions of dollars and countless hours of scientific research may solve the problems we have tomorrow, but we still have to Do Life in the Here and Now.

Too often, people diagnosed with paralysis are given little direction for how to move forward with their lives after being released from the hospital other than to wait for the cure. Adjusting to a life with mobility challenges can be extremely difficult, and many of us are forced to piece together our recovery on our own.

DSC_0686A fellowship of Support

The Here and Now Project is breaking through that isolation by connecting people whose lives have been affected by paralysis. Between our rotating calendar of support meetings and larger annual meet ups, we are building a fellowship where the interchange of experience, strength and hope empowers us as we strive for an enhanced, more accessible life.

Our fellowship of support doesn’t end with the paralysis Survivor; their loved ones need support, too. Like the mobile above a child’s crib, when one person experiences such a drastic life shift, the entire family is sent spinning. This is why we designate time at our meetings for paralysis Supporters as well.

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Check out our map, where Paralysis Survivors and their Supporters are placing their pins to let others know they are not alone! Then click over to our calendar to find a meeting near you!

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